Saturday, November 3, 2012

Moving forward

Yesterday I packed everything I have to ship to California, arranged the shipping, and started getting things lined up with the movers on the other end. I was a little surprised to see that almost everything I own will fit in a 300 cubic foot space with some room to spare. Apparently, I'm doing incredibly well at trimming down on the things that I keep. I plan to trim even more on the other end, so I may have some cool gaming stuff for sale soon. If I trim the game collection, I'll be sure to give the readers here first shot at the stuff before it goes to eBay.

I'll still need to get new furniture when I get to California, since I only packed a few shelves and an antique table I inherited from my great-grandfather through my grandmother. Two of the things I'm leaving behind in Indy are my big painting table and my folding game board. I'm planning to replace them with a couple of 2' x 4' tables that I can push together and cover with a battlemat for games. That way I don't have to store a separate game board and I force myself to keep the painting table clean and organized.

This week I'm cleaning the old apartment in Indy and tying up all the last loose ends for the move. I decided to ship my painting supplies early so I don't have to wait for them on the other end. I'll be using this week to catch up on some other projects instead of working on models. Hopefully I can get a few posts up about other things besides painting. The minis posts will resume once I get set up out west.

If anybody knows of a good battlemat that is like the old Chessex mats, let me know. I want something that is durable and has a similar green color. I prefer flocked mats, but I'll look at an unflocked one with the right recommendation.

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