Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Christmas

This was my first Christmas in California, and I spent the day just hanging around the house. I chatted a bit with some friends and family online, called some other friends and family, and otherwise enjoyed a quiet holiday. I got an extra day off on Monday, so I've had four days off in a row. Tomorrow is probably going to be hard going getting back into work mode.

Since the move, things have slacked off quite a bit on the gaming front. Last weekend I created a character for a 2E AD&D game. I rolled high enough stats, so I put together a paladin. I was hoping to play him in a game on Saturday, but I got pulled away by some family stuff. Hopefully I'll get him into action after the turn of the year.

Aside from that, I dove into a few different gaming projects over the weekend to get things started again.

I played a couple games of Blood & Steel. Overall, I like the mechanics and the game. There are a few things there that took me a minute to figure out, because they are different than what I am used to in most other wargames. Once I got them down, though, I was able to play through the game very quickly. Altogether I was able to play through the main scenario in a little over an hour. The game has some replayability, and I am going to give it a few more plays soon.

I am still painting away on the Dark Emissary, but I hit a bit of a crossroads with the figure. I'm trying to work out the best way to paint the cloak and haven't decided on a color scheme yet. Once I do, I'll get working on him again. Until then, though, he's just sitting on my painting table waiting.

I did manage to put the finishing touches to my old Mordheim warband. The group is mostly swordsmen with a handful of crossbowmen thrown in for support. I started painting them several years ago, anticipating playing a quick campaign with some friends in Chicago. The campaign never happened, and they got shoved into a case and never finished. I pulled them out and started working on them a little before work every day. That gave me about twenty to thirty minutes a day on them for a week or so. Altogether, I spent probably three or four hours to finish them off. I'll get some pics posted as soon as I get them sealed and can get some good pictures of them.

After the Mordheim figs, I wanted to work on some figures that I can use as a test for the Army Painter Quick Shade. The next unfinished models out of the cases, though, were my old Black Templars space marines. I started painting them for a mini tournament at the Games Workshop store in Gurnee, Illinois back in 2000. I got them all finished except for the final highlights on their armor and some chapter symbol decals on the shoulder pads. Obviously, they're not good models for the Quick Shade, so I set them up on the painting table as one project to work on and dug into the next case.

The next case turned out to have my old Necromunda Cawdor figures. These have been painted and stripped a couple times, and I really want to give them a simple paint job and leave them alone. I've got twenty-three of these models, including two of each kind of heavy, a healthy mix of gangers, and a handful of juves. I decided to go with light khaki for the leggings, dark red for the tabards and cloaks, and basic browns for the pouches, boots, belts, and masks. These guys will be a perfect test for the Quick Shade.

Over the weekend, I managed to base coat and highlight all of the red, the pants, and the flesh on all of the models and started in on the basecoat for the brown. For each color, I paint a base color and then do simple, high-contrast highlighting. I'm going back to some techniques I used to use when I was taking tips from some of the historical painters back in the day. This is basically the same technique I used to use when I was using oil washes and ink glazes for quick shading. I'm hoping it works as well with the Quick Shade.

In between painting lots of models, I've also been reading quite a bit and trying to figure out how to make time to run another game. It looks like my old Borderlands game hasn't survived the move, so I have been trying to start something new. A couple of my players asked me to start a 1E AD&D game, so I am looking through the Players Handbook and Dungeon Masters Guide and digging through all of the adventures I have on hand to see what I can do. I'm hoping to work something out to get running in the beginning of the year.

Getting back to work has meant a lot of changes for me lately, and I haven't been posting as often as I would like. As I get more into a routine, I'll try to keep things up a bit better and get more things posted here. I plan to keep trying to paint a little every morning before work, and I have been taking gaming books to work to read at lunch.

In the meantime, though, I hope everyone had a happy Christmas (or whatever holiday or non-holiday you're celebrating this time of year). I got a few presents for myself in the mail during the last week or so and ordered a couple others, and I'll show them off in a post soon.

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