Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday Miniatures - Umber Hulk

I've been painting quite a bit over the last couple weeks. I still haven't finished the Dark Emissary, but I have painted quite a few other models.

I finished all the remaining bits - some highlights on the armor and decals - on a couple dozen Black Templars space marines. I also painted twenty-three Necromunda gangers and gave them a coat of Army Painter Quick Shade. Once that dries and I have knocked down a bit of the gloss on them with some matt spray, I'll post some pics.

In all, I've finished about sixty models in the past month or so, just by going through my cases, grabbing whatever model comes up next and getting to work.

The model I finished off this morning was a simple one - a Dungeons and Dragons Chainmail Umber Hulk. I picked this up when I was running my 3E Shackled City game, so it's been sitting around for close to a decade. That's a little annoying to think, since it only took an hour or so paint it.

Chainmail Umber Hulk

The model is basically one color, the umber in its name. I started with a black undercoat and drybrushed the whole model with Americana Raw Umber craft paint. Then I mixed the Raw Umber with some Folk Art Teddy Bear Tan and drybrushed it again. Finally, I picked out the edges if the plates with thinned Teddy Bear Tan.

The base was inked with Games Workshop Brown Ink while the glue was still wet on the sand and then drybrushed with Ceramcoat Quaker Grey once the ink was dry.

And here is a shot of all the models waiting to be sealed. Once the weather cooperates on a day off, I'll get these all sealed and back in their cases.

Waiting for sealer


  1. I have lost a character or two to the dreaded Umber Hulk.

  2. Remarkably, in all my years of playing and running D&D, I've only ever encountered one as a player. I've never actually run one as a monster while DMing. I might have to change that soon.