Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back to the Liberi

I've been working a bit on the Liberi centaurs for Fanticide in the mornings before work. So far I've managed to finish all the base coats on the horse bodies, torsos, hair and tails. I'll be polishing off base coats on all the details this week.

I decided to see how the quick shade looks on them to see if I can get them done a little faster. Work is making it hard to get the concentrated time I need to do good blending and hand shading. If the quick shade leaves them a little too flat, I can always add some highlights later.

To make it easier to paint in the mornings, I've got all my models set out on my paint desk. I made a list of the colors and stages I need to finish them. Then I lined up the paints I am going to need in order. That way I can just sit down, grab the next color in line, check the list, and start painting. It may be a little obsessively organized, but it saves a ton of time and energy.

Here's the paint desk as of this morning. (Looks like it's time to change out my water!)

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