Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Finishing the Fanticide Liberi

Yesterday I sealed all the models that were sitting on the table waiting to get finished. First up were the Liberi centaurs for Fanticide, which needed a good coat of the Army Painter Matt Varnish to knock down the shine from the Quick Shade. I gave them a quick spray and set them aside to dry while I sprayed everything else.

Airing out the Liberi
Once they were dry and had aired out a bit, I took them inside to have a look at them. The one thing I really dislike about the Army Painter stuff is the fumes. When they say use in a well-ventilated area, they're not kidding! Their products have some of the strongest fumes I've ever smelled from a hobby product.

The Quick Shade did a decent job of shading the centaurs. A little of it collected on the tips and backs of the feathers on some of the shields, but not too much. The colors are also a little darker, especially on the spots. I can live with it. It gives them a darker appearance overall. As usual, the Matt Varnish makes all the difference, knocking down the shine so you can see the shading.

After the Matt Varnish
 To finish the models, I gave them a bit of static grass on their bases and called it a day.

The Liberi ready for action
Liberi stickers

Liberi shootists

Liberi Cheveyo crushers

Liberi Shaman and Chieftain

Liberi Vulture peeves

With these models, the goal was to get them painted and ready to play as quickly as possible. Obviously, the project got completely sidelined with the move and starting the new job. I was still able to complete these in a matter of hours overall – I just had a few weeks in between the various hours.

Now to see how they look against my painted Fae!

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