Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Monday Miniatures - Late again

I had the day off Monday, and that threw my schedule out of whack a bit. Needless to say, I didn't update the miniatures progress yesterday. I painted through a bunch of the weekend, mostly on some Catachan Jungle Fighters models for 40K. I did manage to get several other nagging projects finished over the weekend though.

First, I finished the final details on an old Ral Partha wizard figure. I got a pair of these to compete in a figure painting competition that never happened last summer. I dug him up a couple weeks ago and started painting on him here and there before work. I painted his robes, cloak, and hat in a very light grey. The staff was painted black and striped with light grey paint to give the appearance of wood grain. Then I glazed it with some old Citadel Chestnut ink. The ball on top is painted with Citadel brass, gold, and silver to look like a polished brass knob. The salt and pepper hair and beard were done by painting a black undercoat and striping it with light grey.

This model is going to be the inspiration for an NPC in my upcoming game.

Ral Partha wizard

The other big project was getting the rest of the models that have been waiting sealed. I got everything out on Monday and gave them all a quick spray. For the final seal, I use a craft matt spray. It ends up giving them more of a satin finish, but protects them fairly well and saves me a bunch of money.

Lots of sealing finished

 Altogether, I sealed the Fen Beast, the Umber Hulk, my three zombie hunters, the wizard, my 23 Necromunda gangers, 45 Black Templar space marines, and the 14 models in my Mordheim warband with the final seal. I also sprayed the Liberi centaurs with the Army Painter Matt Varnish to get them ready fro basing. That makes 111 models that got finished and sealed yesterday!

Most of these models were finished last year, but the Liberi and the wizard were definitely finished this year. That adds another 11 to my count, since I finished the vultures in the fall and I'm only counting each Liberi as a half model.

Models finished so far this year: 24

And as promised, a better picture of my zombie hunters:

Karl, Sanchez, and Boston

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