Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Miniatures - Over the top!

Pendraken WWI British 10mm

Tonight I finished the basing on my World War I British figures. These are all Pendraken 10 mm models. I ended up with a nice mix of forces that I can use to play against Nick's Germans. We decided to base everything on 30 x 40 mm bases, rather than the mix of bases called for in the Flanders Fields rules. Mostly, this was to save a bit of money on buying bases and against the possibility of finding another set of good World War I rules.

My force consists of:

24 infantry bases
8 Highlander infantry bases
5 Lewis machine-gunner bases
3 Vickers machine-gun bases
4 mortar bases
3 light artillery stands
5 cavalry bases
5 command bases

Eventually I'll add some more to these, but this is plenty to get started with some gaming.

To paint them, I cleaned the mold lines and sprayed them with black primer followed by brown craft spray paint. I drybrushed all of the models with Vallejo Game Color Khaki. I picked out the hands and faces with Army Painter Barbarian Flesh. I used Tamiya NATO Brown for the gunstocks on the rifles. Finally, I picked out the bayonets and pistols with Army Painter Plate Mail Metal.

Infantry bases

Infantry detail

I wanted the highland regiments to stand out a bit. Historically, they wore khaki kilts and bonnets in the trenches. I decided to paint them with a stylized Black Watch tartan and black bonnets to make them stand out and give the army a little muted color. To paint the bonnets, I used Army Painter Matt Black and Army Painter Ultramarine Blue. For the kilts, I painted them Matt Black and gave them stripes of Ultramarine Blue and Army Painter Greenskin.

The command figures were painted exactly like the rest of the models, except they were given black boots and a mix of brown and black walking sticks. The officers were also arranged into vignettes so they appear to be talking to one another rather than typical battle poses.

Officers and Highlanders

Highlanders detail

Officer stands

The horses for the cavalry were cleaned up after the drybrushing with a little Games Workshop Vermin Brown and then washed with Army Painter Dark Tone ink. All of the artillery pieces and machine guns were painted black except the field artillery, which were drybrushed with a bit of Ceramcoat Quaker Grey craft paint.

Field artillery, Vickers MGs, and cavalry bases

Lewis MG and mortar bases

Cavalry detail

Field artillery and Vickers detail

Lewis MG detail

All the models were based on Litko 30 x 40 mm laser-cut bases. I used the 3 mm bases on Nick's suggestion. The advantage of using 3 mm thick bases is that it makes them easier to pick up. It also makes the bases less likely to warp when you use a lot of glue on them.

To detail the bases, I used thinned white glue to apply some sand to the bases. I sealed the sand with a thin mix of glue, water, and Games Workshop Brown Ink. I then applied small bits of mixed Woodland Scenics foliage to the bases. I was originally going to model some barbed wire on the bases with some plastic screen cut into fine strips, but the wire didn't really give any kind of visual pop to the bases. I used the foliage because it made for a nice contrast with the figures. Brown figures on brown bases needed something to help them visually.

Counting the figures individually, this group has 194 models, not including the artillery pieces and mortars. With those, it kicks the total to 201. Even counting each base as a single model, I finished 57 models with this group. That more than meets the model a week goal I set at the beginning of the year, and we're only four weeks into the year at this point!

Needless to say, I think I need to expand the goal a bit. I'm going to try to paint at least 365 models this year, including the ones I've painted so far. That's a figure a day on average. Several 15 mm or smaller models grouped on a single base count as one model. Otherwise, larger models count one for one. If I started painting the model before the beginning of the year, it only counts half. If the model was just assembled and/or primed but not painted before the beginning of the year, it counts as a full model. Let's see how far I can get with this one!

Models finished so far this year: 81

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  1. I suppose this means I need to start painting and basing my Germans in earnest, and to stop making excuses and getting drunk instead.