Sunday, January 6, 2013

What have I gotten myself into?

Since I decided to give myself the goal of painting a figure a week during the new year and not buying new models until I paint some of what I have, I decided to dig through my miniatures cases and boxes and see what I actually have. I realized that I have a ton of unpainted models and unfinished projects, easily enough to keep me going for quite a while without buying any more figures. Since my goal is to game with them, I may need to buy some fillers here and there, but those purchases should be minimal at this point.

Here's the list:

1. Necromunda gangers - a bunch of Cawdor gangers that I will be using for an upcoming Necromunda campaign. I finished these this week.

2. Zombie Hunters - a few figs I picked up at Gen Con for a planned All Things Zombie game. Finished these guys this week. They'll go in the case until I can get somebody to play ATZ with me.

3. Liberi Centaurs - the remainder of the Fanticide minis. I've got these almost completely base coated. I'll finish them with the Quick Shade to get them on the table faster.

4. Old School Wizards - a pair of wizards I got for a painting competition that never happened. I'll paint them to use for either Song of Blades and Heroes or some other fantasy skirmish game.

5. Dark Emissary - still working on this one. I'll use him for a contract wizard for my Mordheim warband or some SBH.

6. Skaven - I have a few dozen skaven with spears. Eventually, I'll be designing a Fanticide warband that uses these models. To do that I'll have to get some other models to fill out the ranks a bit, but I haven't decided what else to include. These will also get some play in SBH.

7. 10 mm World War I British - another project that's been waiting in the wings. Originally got these to play some WWI with Nick and a few others in Indy. Nick and I were the only ones that were interested after the figures got delivered, so these have languished a bit. I'll be painting and basing them for use with the Flanders Fields rules.

8. Black Templars Space Marines - I have a few tactical squads and an assault squad still to paint for my Black Templars. Eventually I'll need to get them appropriate vehicles as well. I was going to sell these on eBay, but the market for painted 40K armies has pretty much hit bottom. I'll probably keep them as a fallback army in case I can find someone to play some older edition 40K.

9. Hospitallers Space Marines - a marine army I built and never finished painting. I'm going to try using the airbrush and Quick Shade to see how fast I can get these ready for the table. Once they're painted, I'll sell them or keep them as an adjunct to my Templars.

10. Catachan Imperial Guard - another old 40K army I never managed to sell. I'm going to give these as fast a paint job as I can and get them table ready. They would be something to paint and sell if the market was there. They'll probably be a shelf-sitter unless I can find a good sci-fi skirmish game to play with them.

11. Bretonnians - an old battle force boxed set I picked up a few years ago. My idea was to paint a Bretonnian force to display quality with full heraldry. I'm not sure if I'll do that with these or just paint them to gaming quality. They'll probably see use for Song of Blades and Heroes or Fanticide.

12. Cry HAVIC figures - a dozen or so old figures I picked up somewhere. There aren't enough of these to really be useful for much, so I'll just paint them and see if I can find a game to play with them.

13. Reaper Familiars - some old animal figs I picked up when I was running 3E D&D. I'll knock these out to use with D&D characters or display. I don't really see much use for them otherwise.

14. Lag and Er - a half-orc druid and his baboon animal companion. I picked these up for one of my players in my 3E game years ago. I'm planning to paint them and put them in a little diorama to send to Sam as a present.

15. Commissar, Psykers, and Servitor - an old female commissar, a pair of psykers, and a servitor I got in the Skullz Adeptus Mechanicum set. These are the rest of the retainers for a 40K Inquisitor I painted a few years ago. I'll finish these and add them to his case. If I play 40K again, they can be an add-on for my other armies. Otherwise, they'll be a special encounter in a Necromunda campaign.

16. 1/72 plastic Cowboys and Civil War figures - some simple figures to fight the dinosaurs. I'm cleaning these up to base for my dinosaurs and army men game. These figs will let me play out some Lost World and Valley of Gwangi scenarios.

17. Zombie Vixens - some female zombie figs I got as a promo from Wargames Factory at Gen Con last year. I'll get these painted for the All Things Zombie games.

18. 1/72 Medievals - a few random sets of 1/72 medieval figures, including the old Airfix Robin Hood and Sheriff of Nottingham sets. I'll get these painted to play some Chainmail. Nothing like old-school plastic figs for old-school minis rules.

19. Wargames Factory Saxons - a few boxes of Saxons I got at Gen Con. These are going to get painted so I can face off against Nick's Vikings. We'll probably use Dux Bellorum, Song of Arthur and Merlin, or Fanticide for these.

20. The Caller Giant Rat Skeleton - an old Necromunda special character. I got this for a conversion I planned for a Skaven army many years ago. I'll paint this for Fanticide or SBH.

21. 35mm Knight Spectre - an odd figure I picked up somewhere. I'll paint this for SBH or Fanticide as well.

22. Plastic Mythological Monsters - the remaining monsters from the tube where I found my unicorn for Fanticide. I'll paint these to use for the fantasy skirmish games or D&D.

23. Miscellaneous Characters - a few random character minis I've gotten at conventions. These will get painted for D&D or the fantasy skirmish games.

24. 6mm Napoleonics - four beginning Napoleonic armies from Irregular. I'm going to get these painted and based so I can start playing some small-scale, big-battle Napoleonics. I've got French, British, Prussian, and Russian armies to start. I'll play them with the Fast Play Grand Armee rules.

25. Hot Wheels Car Wars - a handful of Hot Wheels cars I have for a Car Wars variant I've been fiddling with.

26. Nurgle Chaos Lord - a converted figure for a planned Nurgle army from years ago. I'll clean him up and finish painting him as a gift for a friend that still plays Nurgle for 40K.

27. Mini-genestealer Familiar - an ancient Warhammer familiar that looks like a miniature genestealer. This one is probably going to be a mascot if nothing else. It's one of the oldest minis I have, and I'd hate to let it go. I may use it for a special scenario for Necromunda.

28. 15mm Knights - some Hundred Years War knights I got to paint for the Gen Con painting contest last year. I didn't get them painted for the competition, and they've languished since. I'm planning to paint them for a diorama for my desk at work.

29. Giant Plastic Bugs - some dollar store plastic bugs I got last year. I'll paint these for my dinosaurs and army men game. They'll be great for creeping people out a bit.

30. 1/72 Gladiators - a bunch of plastic gladiators, including a pair of chariots. I'll paint these so I can do some one-off gladiator gaming.

That's the catalog of what's in my painting stack. It doesn't include some figs that I have to paint for other people, like Nick's museum Napoleonics. At the rate I'm going, I hope to be able to knock off most of this pretty quickly. Once I do, I've got my eye on a few things to flesh these out as well as a few new projects.

Overall, I'm hoping that I can finally wear down the lead mountain and get it all at least table ready. I may be tempting fate a bit, but I'd love to finish it all!

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