Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy new year, everyone.

At the beginning of 2013, I put together a list of things that I wanted to do for the year. At the time, I had just moved to California and was working to try to fit more gaming into my schedule. With that in mind, I put together five goals for 2013. Now that we've reached 2014, it's time to see how things went and look at what to do this year.

Last year I wanted to play at least a game a week. I was easily accomplishing this during the spring. I was playing some solo wargames. I was running a regular D&D game, and I played in several others. Over time a couple of games collapsed, and I stopped playing regularly. Then when I returned to work in August after surgery, I didn't have the energy and time to keep my game running.

At the turn of the year, I've not been playing anything regularly for the past couple months. I'm hoping that I can turn that around in the coming year, but I'm not sure yet if I will have the time and energy to get things going right away.

I also wanted to stop buying games until I played through everything on my shelves. I actually ended up buying quite a few old games, so I have some more shelf sitters. At this point I have a lot of the classic wargames I want. I have also mostly filled out my bookshelf of old D&D versions. There are a few classics I still have on my grail list, but I haven't been able to convince myself to drop the cash for them yet. In all, I didn't keep to this resolution in 2013, but I didn't buy every game that caught my eye either. I consider it a win that I kept the spending within reason.

The remainder of my goals had to do with painting miniatures. I originally aimed for painting a miniature a week. When I got over 50 minis painted by the end of January, I decided to go for 365 for the year, a mini a day. Unfortunately, I lost almost half the year to getting things diagnosed with my back, getting surgery, and recovering. I managed to get back to painting regularly over the last couple months, and started finishing models at the same rate I was at the beginning of the year.

In all, I ended up finishing 369 models for the year. Some of them were models that I had started before the beginning of the year, but I'm still counting all of them in the total at this point.

Models I finished in 2013

Here's the tally:

23 Necromunda Cawdor Gangers
3 Zombie Hunters
20 Fanticide Liberi Centaurs
1 Ral Partha Wizard
57 bases of Pendraken 10mm World War I British
1 Citadel Familiar
5 Warhammer 40K Black Templars Assault Marines
1 Warhammer Dark Emissary
30 Warhammer 40K Catachan Imperial Guard troops
1 Warhammer 40K Nurgle Chaos Lord
7 Battle of Five Armies terrain bits
1 Necromunda Caller figure
24 bases of 1/72 World War II US Airborne troops
192 Plastic Robots
2 Warhammer 40K Imperial Psykers
1 Warhammer 40K Imperial Servitor

I wrote about most of these as I finished them earlier in the year. With the drop off in posting the last couple months, I missed some of the robots and the psyker and servitor.

The robots are split into 6 different poses that I have been painting in red and blue factions. They have the same paint scheme on the bodies and different colored eyes for each faction. I still have another 2 poses (64 more robots) to finish painting, but then I will be finished with the lot of them. Here are some pics of the poses that are finished for each faction.

Blue faction robots

Red faction robots

The psykers and servitor are a few more models I have for a retinue for an old Inquisitor model I painted a couple years ago. At the time, I was planning to play the Inquisitor and his followers as an ally for my Black Templars in Warhammer 40K games. In the meantime, I have stopped playing 40K altogether, so these are most likely going to be permanent shelf sitters unless I find someone willing to dust off some old rules and have a game. I painted them with a simple red and black color scheme to match the rest of the retinue. Once I get the last model in the retinue finished, I'll do some group shots of the whole band.

Imperial Psykers and Servitor

Obviously, the painting was really successful for the year, and I plan to keep it going into the new year.

Along with not buying new games, I planned to not buy new models unless I could paint them in 2013. I definitely painted more than I bought, but I did pick up several models for particular projects. I got an old Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons black dragon for a diorama piece I am building for my desk at work. I got some 1/2400 scale medieval ships to use for some naval wargames. I picked up a few skaven models to add to a warband for Fanticide or the base of a Warhammer skaven army. And I picked up a pack of the old Grenadier rakshasa minis. So I purchased about one model for every six or so I painted. Not a bad ratio overall. I still have quite the lead mountain to paint through, but I am definitely starting to make a dent in it.

Finally, I started the year thinking I would sell off any models I wasn't using for games. As I have been painting more and thinking of all the purges I have done of my collection in the past, I decided to abandon that idea for a while. Eventually I will probably get to the point where I have too many models that never see the table and I never take out of storage. For now, though, I am willing to keep them packed in boxes against the chance I will get to play some games with them eventually. If nothing else, it saves me having to repurchase things in the future.

So that's what happened in 2013. I achieved a couple goals, abandoned one, and failed on a couple more. For 2014, I hope to do better. Here's my list for the coming year:

1. Keep painting an average of a model a day for the year. That means at least 365 more models painted by the end of 2014.

2. Buy fewer models than I paint. My goal here is to paint three for every one I buy until the lead mountain is gone. After that, I want to only buy new models as I can paint them.

3. Play more games. I am trying to get some people in the area to start a miniatures club with me. I'm also aiming to get back to playing more D&D through Google+. I want to arrange a couple of convention trips or gaming weekends. And I am going to start working more on some solo games to fill the gaps. As long as I can muster the energy, I want to start throwing the dice more.

4. Finish some projects with my collection. I want to catalog the games I have and decide what I want to play and keep, what I want to add to the collection, and what I can sell. I also have some binding projects in the works, and I want to find good storage solutions for my minis, my magazine games, and some of my smaller games.

5. Finish some writing projects. I have a lot of writing projects that have been languishing unfinished. I want to make a schedule and start getting them done and published.

So there's the big five for this year. I'll let you all know how I'm doing as the year progresses.

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  1. The figures look super as always, in both quantity and quality. Good luck on your goals this year and I look forward to reading about them. Happy and healthy new year to you.