Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Miniatures - Airborne!

I got these in a mixed lot of 1/72 scale models and figs off of eBay. These are all Esci World War II 101st Airborne. I decided they would make excellent dinosaur hunters for Dinosaurs and Army Men.

I clipped them from the sprues and cleaned the sprue points with a razor knife. I didn't bother too much with mold lines, since these are play figures I want to get on the table quickly. I primed them with Rustoleum basic black primer.

The paint scheme is based on a couple of suggested schemes I've seen online, with some substitutions based on what paints I had on hand.

Here's the whole process:
1. Prime black and glue to bases with white glue.
2. Texture bases with white glue and water (50/50 mix) and mixed sand.
3. Seal bases with white glue and water mix. This helps hold the models on the bases.
4. Wash the bases with old GW Brown Ink. I have had a bottle of ink and water on my paint table for years. I'm finally using the last of it for these and my robots.
5. Paint trousers with Vallejo Model Color US Field Drab.
6. Paint coats with Vallejo Model Color Khaki.
7. Paint flesh with Vallejo Game Color Elf Skin Tone.
8. Paint helmets and painted metal with Tamiya Khaki Drab.
9. Paint webbing and straps with Vallejo Model Color Green Grey.
10. Paint boots and knife sheath with Vallejo Model Color Red Leather.
11. Paint rifle butts with Tamiya NATO Brown.
12. Paint gun barrels with Humbrol Gunmetal.
13. Drybrush bases with GW Bleached Bone.

I finished all of these except the gunmetal for the barrels. I'll hopefully finish this early in the week. After that, I plan to give these guys a wash to add some depth and then flock and edge the bases. Hopefully by Friday they'll be finished so I can start working on some playtesting next weekend.

Sorry for the quality of the pics. I snapped them with my phone, and the light makes them look a lot more red than they should. I'll try to get better pics with my camera once they're finished.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Miniatures - Grinding Along

The last few weeks I've been painting intermittently in between reading rulebooks and trying to get back in the swing of things. I haven't been doing anything with roleplaying. Instead I've been reading miniatures rules and looking at some hex-and-counter wargames.

On the painting front, I finished 96 more robots and started on 24 stands of 1/72 scale plastic soldiers. The robots put me well on my way to catching up and meeting my goal for the year. If my count is right, I just need to turn out about 80 more models to hit it.

The soldiers are World War 2 101st Airborne from Esci. I picked them up in a mixed lot from Ebay. They're softer plastic than I normally like, but they should be good for playtesting Dinosaurs and Army Men.

I clipped them from the sprues and cleaned the sprue tips with clippers and a razor knife. I didn't bother too much with mold lines. They're fairly clean as it is, but I didn't want to waste a lot of time either. I primed them with basic black Rustoleum spray. Then I based them one or two to a 30mm by 40mm base. I made sure the white glue ran over the bases of the figures to help hold them in place.

I still need to dump the photos from my camera to my computer. I'll post some photos and talk about paint schemes when I do.

Models finished so far this year: 287