Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I've been pretty negligent on posting lately. I'm still painting a bit in the mornings before work, but otherwise I haven't been getting much time for anything related to gaming. I did add several titles to the gaming shelf, though. One of those is the Lulu version of Tony Bath's Ancient Wargaming. So far I've managed to read through just a bit of it, but I like what I'm reading.

The introduction reminded me of something that has bothered me about gaming with miniatures - recasting. In the intro to TBAW, Phil Barker states that everyone that was playing Ancients wargames was using pirated figures recast by Tony from German originals. Then I saw a couple of blogs and a YouTube channel I follow suggest or flat out state that they were recasting figures that were rare or otherwise unavailable in the quantities they needed for games. Essentially all of these gamers are willing to cast what they otherwise would have a hard time getting. Apparently that has been a regular thing in the wargaming hobby.

What I'm trying to figure out is if it really is that common. For those of you that wargame with figures, do you or have you recast figures to either save money, duplicate rare models, or fill out the ranks?