Saturday, January 5, 2019

More Kickstarters

Time for another round up of some of the Kickstarters that I'm watching.

First up is Into the Wyrd and Wild. This is a sourcebook for OSR games that deals with wilderness setting and exploration, especially with a horror flair. It includes new rules, monsters, items, spells, and a lot more. I've already backed this one. It ends January 6th.

Another one that I've backed is Low Fantasy Gaming - Deluxe Edition. This is an expansion of the original Low Fantasy Gaming, and you can get the Midlands sandbox setting and a bunch of adventures as well. It ends January 6th.

Next up is The Fantasy Trip Adventures, the follow up to the huge Fantasy Trip kickstarter from earlier in the year. This one promises several new adventures and some possible other accessories. I backed the earlier campaign, and jumped on this one early. This one ends on January 14th.

This is another one that ends on January 6th. Miniature Paints -Liquid Acrylics from RPE is setting out to develop a new paint range available from Ral Partha Europe. I'm not sure how close they will be to the old Partha paints, but they might be worth a look. Rewards will ship to anywhere in the world, and you can select reward levels that include miniatures and brushes along with the paints.

Chronicle Cards - Universal RPG Tools is a series of card decks that are designed to add detail to different things in a game. They are developing decks for items, personalities, monsters, and events. This one ends on January 6th.

The Art of Miniature, Miniature Art Tutorial Book is in its last 48 hours, ending on January 7th. It started as a 90-page book with tutorials for various skill levels of miniatures painters. With the current stretch goals, its up to 120 pages. Rewards include the book, brushes, and models.

Next up is some more character minis. The Adventurers is a campaign to fund the creation and casting of 20 new adventurers models. This one has some unusual characters that would be a lot of fun to paint. It's set to end on January 8th.

The Noticeboard is a stand-alone game of side quest adventures that can also be used to develop side quests in other games. It's running until January 9th.

I have no reason to get into another wargame or wargaming period. On the other hand, I'm really tempted with the figures in the Allies on the Frontier kickstarter. These models are for the French and Indian War period in colonial North America. The campaign includes Anglo-American Provincials, Rangers (including some in Scots bonnets), and Mohicans of course. It ends on January 11th.

Retro 1E & 5E Fantasy Mini-Adventure Set 2 continues to add material to flesh out the adventures in the Roslof Keep campaign. As noted in the title, these are for both 1e and 5e D&D. The campaign runs until January 15th and includes some rewards that include material from their previous Kickstarter campaigns.

Norba Miniatures' Fantasy Dragon miniatures has some great dragons for rewards. Some of the dragons can have riders, and the stretch goals are unlocking things like various pieces of armor for the dragons. This one has a while to go, ending on January 17th.

Map Maker Adventures - Dungeon Crawl RPG for 1-4 players is exactly that - a series of adventures for the Map Maker game that allows a small group or someone playing solo to do some dungeon crawling. It includes map resources and everything you need to play. It ends on January 17th.

Next up are some more miniatures, this time factions that could be used for things like Kings of War. Legendary Heroes I is developing six different factions as part of the campaign. There are some angelic figures, elves, dark elves, dwarves, orcs, and Clan Raitz (basically skaven). There are a lot of nice models here, and the faction packs are very reasonable for the number of models in them. This one ends January 22nd.

Secretum Mundi - The book of the Secret World is a campaign to develop a book of plot hooks and ideas for modern occult RPGs. This could be a great resource for ideas for modern-day Call of Cthulhu games, but also for Kids on Bikes or Dark Places & Demogorgons. The content for this partly depends on backer submissions. The campaign ends on January 28th.

That's it for this round of Kickstarters. I'll add more as they come on my radar.

I should note here that I am not affiliated with anyone involved in these projects. They are simply projects that I am either backing, thinking of backing, or at least keeping my eye on to possibly purchase in the future if they become publicly available. Links to products on DriveThru RPG are affiliate links. If you follow them and buy something, I get a few cents to put toward buying more gaming stuff.

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