Sunday, August 18, 2019

Cheap Testors acrylic paint sets

I am a big fan of the weird surplus you can find at American Science and Surplus. I occasionally browse through their site just to see what they have available, and I usually find something useful each time. At the moment, they have great dropper bottles, quartz points, and some cool gears for all of you steampunk fans. On my latest shopping spree, I found a pair of Testors acrylic paint sets. At two dollars each, I figured they were worth the price of the glue alone, so I got one of each.

Each of the sets includes a brush, a tube of non-toxic plastic cement, and six small pots of acrylic paint.

Testors Military Colors and Hobby Colors paint sets
The brushes are the normal Testors brushes with the thick plastic bristles. I have never found a worthwhile use or reason for these to exist, so they went in the trash as soon as I opened the packages.

The glue is one of my regular glues for plastic models, and a couple extra tubes is always welcome.

The Hobby Colors paint set includes small pots of Testors 4633 Stop Light Red, 4624 Turn Signal Amber, 4768 Flat Black, 4629 Engine Red, 4695 Gloss Black, and 4678 Silver. The Military Colors paint set includes pots of 4757 Neutral Gray, 4728 Olive Drab, 4768 Flat Black, 4709, Dark Tan, 4752 Gunship Gray, and 4618 Silver. Between the sets, there are ten or eleven different paints, depending on whether the silver is the same or different.

Each pot is about half an inch in diameter and about half an inch deep. (Someone that has a better math background can probably estimate the volume.) The pots have lids that hinge to 90 degrees when opened. You'll probably want to capture the paint off the lid with a wide brush if you don't want drips.

Open paint pot
Three pots are contained in a strip, and each set has two of the strips connected together. This connectivity is a gimmick, but I like it. You can lock a bunch of these together or pull them apart. Either way, you can easily work with them on a paint table without them getting in the way or getting lost. Each strip is roughly 1-1/4" x 4". Having three in each strip with some plastic framing around each makes them a lot more stable than other sample pots.

I tested the flat black on a mini that was hanging around on my paint table. The paint is really thin and has the normal odor that Testors paint has. It is water soluble, and you'll want to rinse and dry your brush regularly when you use it. Otherwise, be prepared to spend a few minutes with some brush soap after each painting session.

The paint had thin coverage. It had fair adhesion with the first coat. A second coat improved bith the adhesion and coverage, so that may be an issue with how the paint works with the primer.

In all, the paint is somewhat useful, and I'll add it into the mix of other paints I use. The strips are definitely getting cleaned and saved once I use the paint. I can easily see using these as traveling paint pots in the future.

Overall, these sets are easily worth the cost if you're getting something else from AS&S. Otherwise, the shipping is expensive.

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